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We provide a 1-stop residential cleaning services including mopping, cleaning, vacuuming, CNY cleaning, party clean-up and etc!
We provide contractual long-term office cleaning for all offices in Singapore. Our services includes daily basket-emptying, vacuuming of carpet, cleaning of office equipment/tables and many more!
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UC Cleaning is a full service cleaning company in Singapore. We provide a 1-stop cleaning services including but not limited to general cleaning, office cleaning, Singapore office cleaning, post-pregnancy house cleaning, contractual daily office cleaning, factory and large office cleaning and many more!


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3 Reasons You Should Employ A Part-Time Office Cleaning Service From UC Cleaning

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Office cleaning in Singapore is an important routine to ensure that your office is clean from dust and dirt to have a safe and clean environment for your workers. With part time cleaning services, the chances of your worker getting sick from germs and bacteria at their work environment is low and this will increase the productivity of your company and when there is visitor visiting your office, they would also have a good first impression of your office.

Here are 3 reasons why you should employ UC Cleaning for your office cleaning.

Affordable and experienced

We have more than 10 years of cleaning experience in Singapore where we have 100% customer satisfaction and all our cleaners have a minimum of 2 years of experience in this industry. Plus, our office cleaning services is affordable and value for money.

For offices cleaning, we provide professional cleaning where we will keep the sanitization and hygiene of your office to the highest standards by handing all kinds of general cleaning, mopping or vacuuming of your floor (depending on your floor material). We will even wipe all the tables and help you clean and sanitized your pantry to leave your office free from pests and germs.

We also provide carpet cleaning services where we use qualified resources and modern cleaning equipment to clean your carpet to ensure that your carpet is stain-free and spotless. This will remove all the potential health hazards like mold, fungi and bacteria from your carpet and ensure that your workers would not get any problems or health issues from dirty carpet.

Better and powerful equipment use


We use the latest and highest grade industry office cleaning equipment to ensure your office is clean to the highest standard.

We use Rainbow vacuum cleaner that uses swirling water bath to trap dirt by the principles of hydrodynamics (water in motion) and aerodynamics (air in motion). It also has hurricane motor where it has the force to tackle any harsh and tough cleaning jobs, so you would not need to worry about the vacuum cleaner breaking down halfway through the cleaning process and affecting your work.

With the use of the swirling water bath to trap dirt, you would not need to worry about dust and dirt flying around affecting you while you work. It will also help trap odors and this will leave your office smelling fresh and clean. To know more about the equipment we use, you could visit our Equipment page to find out more.

Save time and money

Getting part-time cleaning will help you to save time as well as money as office cleaning in Singapore will take up quite a few hours of your time and you would not want to spend those precious times on cleaning rather than working.

With a clean office, the chances of workers getting a medical leave will be low and this mean your company work be able to function at a maximum rate and you will save money on medical claims from your sick employees.

To enquiry more about office cleaning in Singapore, you can call us at 63448807 or send us a message at our Contact Us page.