Office Cleaning


A clean working environment contributes to happy and productive employees. That is why United Channel is devoted to making sure that cleanliness is of the utmost importance in your office.

Clean offices create a good impression on people who visit for meetings, appointments or trainings. From wiping the windows to vacuuming the carpet, our cleaning services will make your working spaces spick and span in no time. Our thorough offices cleaning will give you the satisfaction of working in an immaculate and spotless office.

Office Cleaning 01

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?


We cover common cleaning tasks that will guarantee a presentable and spotless working environment to keep your staff happy and productive.

Scope of cleaning:
  • Vacuuming of floor areas such as carpet
  • Mopping of vinyl, tiled or timber floors
  • Desktops, keyboards, computer desks, monitors, chairs at work areas are wiped clean
  • Kitchen or pantry area is disinfected and kept clean
  • Toilet areas such as cubicles, sinks, mirrors, etc. are scrubbed clean
  • Bins are emptied
  • Other office cleaning tasks as required at building interior and exterior